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As usual, the essence of understanding technology can be found in understanding what makes for bad technology. "Hebocon is a robot contest for the technically ungifted. "The word Heboi in Japanese means 'crappy,' 'unperfected,' 'poor in quality,' or 'poor in ability.' 'Hebocon, the robot contest for dummies,' is a robot battle contest for Heboi robots made by Heboi people. All the entrants are people who neither have the technical expertise, determination, nor the focus it takes to build an actual robot. " "Entrants will need compromise and surrender, instead of ideas and technical skill. Robots are penalized for having high-tech features." (Metafilter, 2014) The first Hebocon. A bit from IEEE Spectrum. I thin k technology conferences should have mandatory contests to design the worst possible actually functioning technology. And the winner should have to apologize.

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