Free images done right

Doug Peterson, doug — off the record, Jan 31, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

If you want free images you can use in your class, you can use any of my 28,374 photos, all of which are openly licensed. Of course, many other people offer similarly free photos as well, which is great. Photos for Class is a service that performs a search on Flickr to find openly licensed photos. Of course you can easily do this too. So far so good. But Photos for Class edits the photo file and adds an attribution block to the bottom. OK, no problem, I guess. But a full third of that attribution is an advertisement for Photos for Class. Now here I draw the line. I at least chose to use Creative Commons and Flickr, even if I don't want their marks on my photo, but I never endorsed Photos for Class and I definitely don't want their advertising on my photo. Free images done wrong, in my books.

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