The State of Personalized Learning

Philip Hickman, Ken Eastwood, Eliot Levinson, Ed Tech Digest, Jan 30, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Not all personalized learning the same. That's the main message in this article. The authors write, "The current use of the term 'personalized learning' varies from:

  • small group instruction based on performance levels to
  • longitudinal history of all assessments students ever took to provide them with knowledge of what to assign to
  • artificial intelligence based products that assess the cognitive level and learning style of a student and provide a variety of resources based on the student’s learning style, current performance, and understanding of a subject."

True enough, and I've read accounts of all three. But these days people almost universally mean the third. Almost universally. The first two versions are essentially terms applied to in-person learning applied without the use of technology.

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