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EDUCAUSE released its annual list of the top IT issues in education last week and the article - though chock-full of useful analysis - is the usual mélange of IT angst: information security, student success, leadership, management, funding, the like. It's worth a read as a good review of the strategic issues of the day. But the best perspective is always perspective, and that's where this 17-year retrospective steals the show. It's an interactive graphic (take the time to play with it) showing how issues have trended, come and gone through the years (the only constant, it seems, is a worry about funding). In an interview with the report's author, Susan Grajek, EdScoop suggests that the trends show that "IT took a back seat in the narrative" to a larger story — namely how IT forms the very "foundations of student success in higher education." You can look for yourself, but I'm not seeing it.

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