Building a News Bot for Facebook Messenger

Julien Genestoux, Nov 02, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Building a Facebook news bot is all very fine, but there's this: it's easy (relatively speaking) to import content into Facebook. My own gRSShopper did that, and gRSShopper is also a web aggregator (though I had too much respect for readers to simply dump aggregated content into Facebook). What's difficult is getting content out of Facebook. Oh sure, it can be done, after a fashion - gRSShopper could harvest Facebook page feeds, for example. But Facebook doesn't really want you sharing Facebook content outside their platform. It wants everyone to use Facebook, which is why you hear that giant slurping sound as it tries to suck everyone in. Related: Here's why young people are abandoning Facebook: "It’s clogged with brands, news and the odd meme. It’s lost any semblance of a personality." Via Ben Werdmuller.

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