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Terry Anderson is right. I should have used the word 'education' instead of 'learning'. "In fact only a very tiny fraction of the "learning" that has ever taken place historically and of course 100% pre-historically, has occurred in a classroom. Only beginning in  the 19th Century have a few children of rich minorities been able to learn part of what they learned in life in a classroom. " (p.s. the possessive form of my name is "Downes's". :) )

He also writes, "Strangely, this overview chapter ends without a summary or conclusion." I thought about that when I wrote it. What would a good summary or conclusion for this material be? I decided that there wasn't one - the material is itself a summary, and to try to wrap it up in a single paragraph or so would be to take the abstraction too far. So I settled on what was essentially an ellipses...

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