Beyond Comments: Finding Better Ways To Connect With You

Scott Montgomery, NPR, Aug 18, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The lede of this stories is NPR's decision to eliminate comments on its stories but the core it its decision to embraace social media to generate discussion. More interesting is this: "in addition to refining our live interaction approaches on Facebook, we'll begin testing a promising new engagement tool that is rooted in public media. Hearken is a digital platform that allows journalists and the audience to partner on the development of story ideas." It's a good idea to involve readers from the beginning; this idea that we present content only when it's finished and polished dates back to the days of publishing on paper. But I think the key to success with commenting (or interaction generally) is this: posting not on someone else's site (which invites spam, abuse and more) but posting on our own site and sharing with our own community.

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