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The best thing I have to say about this video to Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill is that it's short. It should be shorter. It's not simply that the video "feels like a commercial that could have been produced by a textbook publisher" (inexplicably, that was the objective!) but that the characterization of "personalized learning" is so narrow as to be obnoxious. "Teaching to the back row"? FYI the back row is where the socially unpopular sit, not where the students who have difficulty learning sit (he says as a former straight-A back row student). "Personalization is just a collection of methods of reclaiming some quality time..."? I know that the people at e-Literate have always focused on traditional in-class university teaching, but to suppose this perspective defines a broad concept like "personalized learning" is utterly ridiculous. I know it's only a two-minute video, but it would have been more accurate without the latter 1:59.

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