Various authors, Dec 16, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This Ottawa company has developed an interesting RSS-style headline viewer called KlipFolio. A Klip is essentially an RSS feed, but with scripting options, security and other features wrapped around it. Readers download the application and view the headline feeds on their desktop. Still, I'm not sure the approach will meet with wide support in the RSS community. The site suggests that klips can "Productize your RSS feed or XML data-source. Klips can commercialize virtually any digital data source--including RSS--by wrapping it in a powerful, secure package that supports user personalization, usage statistics, advertising, and billing integration." Also, because harvesters cannot get at the source feed, klips won't allow content from different feeds to be blended - this is touted as protecting your brand, but for the RSS reader content - not brand - is important.
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