SSRN has been captured by the enemy of open knowledge

Paul Gowder, Medium, May 17, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

As the Press Release announces, Elsevier has acquired the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) and plans to in some way roll it in with Mendelay. According to Elsevier, "Mendeley and Elsevier will help close the loop from the preprint on SSRN to fuller collaboration and broader dissemination through the 5 million-strong Mendeley researcher community." Many in the community are not happy, despite Elsevier's reassurances that "SSRN will continue to enable users to 'submit for free and download for free.'" For example, Stevan Harnad writes, by email, that "we know exactly why Elsevier acquired SSRN (and Mendeley): It's to retain their stranglehold over a domain (peer-reviewed scholarly/scientific research publishing) in which they are no longer needed." We see this, for example, in its growth in the domain of academic IP.

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