Whatever happened to … Logo?

Doug Peterson, doug – off the record, May 15, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Logo was an almost magical tool in its time designed to help students learn to program. "Of course, it wasn’t 'real programming,' writes Doug Peterson. "That was reserved for the assignments given in class.  This was just fun, trying to design the most intricate things that we could." As it turns out, though, it was 'real computing' - more real than the other sort. Today, students have many more options for programming creativity. "Students might get a chance to learn using Lego Mindstorms or any of the other languages that have been created with developing coders in mind – HopscotchScratch, and so much more.  With the right budget, you might even get a programmable device like Sphero." For me, languages like Basic and C were my toys, and I created games. 

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