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The four priorities from a new report from the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) are on the one hand common sense, but on the other hand hardly enough. Here they are (quoted):

  • Be clear about what students must achieve and have the data to ensure all students are on track to succeed.
  • Provide teachers and leaders the flexibility, training, and support they need to effectively and quickly use data.
  • Ensure every community understands how its schools and students are doing and how data is valuable, protected and used.
  • Provide teachers and parents timely information on their students and make sure it's kept safe.

I guess what bothers me about this list is that it's terribly top-down and prescriptive. For example, the second point continues, "State leaders should push for policies that support districts and schools to prioritize data use." Sure, if all you care about is whether students are 'on track'. But if there's no track? What if there should be no track? See also this report from Campus Technology.

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