Philosophy in Figures

Ryan Reece, Philosophy in Figures, Mar 16, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

There are some pretty good images in this all-too-brief 'Philosophy in Figures' Tumblr blog. The one that caught my eye is the 'philosophy of science' image that has been circulating recently on Facebook (without attribution, natch). You could locate me somewhere on the border of instrumentalism and relativism, and metaphysically eliminativist. The diagram is interesting because for each approach in the philosophy of science, there is a corresponding approach in educational theory (many of the adherents in education appear not to know anything about these bases). So, for example, for various flavours of constructivism, we have various flavours of constructive empiricism. Naive instructivism takes us all the way over to realism (which is why 'content knowledge' is so much more important than structure or process). 

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