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Towards a New Pedagogy

Mar 16, 2016

MOOCs are impacting learning in many ways, says the author (11 page PDF), and the overall result is that we're looking at pedagogy differently. Interestingly, though, "MOOCs showcase the developments which online learning and other innovations have been encouraging for some time: they are not so much initiating these developments as acting as an accelerant for them," according to the author. For example, we're seeing such things as course unbundling, separation of delivery and development, separation of assessment from delivery, separation of certification, and more. The author looks at these in some depth. And hee makes it clear that we're at the beginning of the phenomenon, not the end: "What is clear is that extensive investment needs to be made in learning design for MOOCs and that such design needs to take full account of not only what we now know about adult learning." Image: Brian R. Gumm.

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