2016 : What do you consider the most interesting recent scienmtific news? What makes it important?

Various authors, Edge, Jan 01, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Alas, once again I've been passed over for the Edge question. Still, I can join with everyone else in marveling at the answers. Here are some (quoted):

  • We may all die horribly unless some scientists figure out a way to save us
  • Each cubic centimeter of empty space contains about 10-29 grams of invisible matter, or, equivalently, vacuum energy
  • Cephalosomatic Anastomosis” (CSA) (a.k.a. a complete head transplantation)
  • Any gene (or set of genes) can be forced to “drive” through an entire wild population.
  • The race between the growing power of technology and the growing wisdom with which we manage it.
  • Tabby's Star - the possibility that the dimming effect is caused by a swarm of Dyson Spheres

And many many more. Enjoy.

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