Dear Independent Musicians: I Have Some Bad News For You

Jacob Jones, Medium, Dec 29, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The harsh reality about life as an independent contractor in anything, let along music, is that you are constantly working to find your next gig. Or, for a musician, "you are going to have to do things that seemingly have nothing to do with playing music in order to continue doing just that. You are going to have to sit in front of a laptop for countless hours each week, send hundreds of emails and promote yourself non stop." Many of the people I read and cite here every day are consultants and contractors, and I'm sure they'll all the same thing. That's why they're writing articles, appearing at conferences, keeping up with their social networks, and more: they're working, doing the legwork it takes to earn paying contracts. In the world of independent teachers and professors, it will be this way too (and most of them will end up joining companies that market them Uber-style for low wages and no benefits). The question is not whether this will happen - it will. The question is how we can create a marketplace where practitioners prosper.

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