Some Myths about Open Educational Resources

Contact North, Dec 02, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is the second in a series on open educational resources from Contact North. Note that the article is very confused about what is a myth and what is not, so you'll have to do some interpreting, as I have below (most text quoted from the post):

  • Just because it comes from a leading institution, it doesn’t mean the OER is good
  • Not all OER went through a quality assurance process.
  • In some cases, every case needs to be changed to be local and current - a lot of work
  • Finding useful, effective, quality, relevant and current OER is tough.
  • OER will not transform higher education

I think these assertions (and the 'myths' that prompt them) are expressed from a very narrow point of view. What does it mean to say 'not all OER are assessed for quality'? If you found it through Google, it went through a recommendation process! And why is the perspective the teacher's point of view? Why not consider the case of learners using OERs directly?


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