Education 2030

Various authors, UNESCO, Nov 24, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It has taken a couple of weeks to get to this item, for which I apologize, but UNESCO has released the 'Incheon Declaration' and framework for action toward inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning for all (yes, all of that is in the title). 52 page PDF. "We reaffirm," write the authors, "that education is a public good, a fundamental human right and a basis for guaranteeing the realization of other rights. It is essential for peace, tolerance, human fulfilment and sustainable development." It's a comprehensive plan, includes language for inclusion, quality, contributions from civil society, open learning resources, the role of government, funding, and more. I'm basically in agreement with its recommendations (though not so sanguine as the authors about the role of the private sector). See also the Open Education Consortium's blog post which also supports the declaration. Image: Kenya Delegation.

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