What is Your IQ According to Your Facebook Posts?

Unattributed, Cooltest.me, Nov 24, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OK, this is one of those pointless Facebook applications, and it overstates IQ by a good 40 points or so, at least in my case. So don't take it seriously. Having said that, this is an illustration of a principle that I've often described in theory, the idea that our skills and abilities can be assessed by our presence on social media. Imagine the same sort of concept as this game, but much more sophisticated, doing more than just an analysis of the semantic density of Facebook posts, but looking at appropriateness of word use, evenness of temper, following and reflection of ideas by peers and (better) experts, and more, and for all social media, not just Facebook. Now we begin to approach something that may provide assessment of qualifications more easily - and more accurately - than  traditional tests or evaluations.

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