The digital revolution in higher education has already happened. No one noticed.

Clay Shirky, Nov 08, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Clay Skirky's reasoning is positively weird: "The gap between the conversation about college and its reality exists because the people who drive that conversation — you and me and our friends — mostly talk about elite schools." Um, no. Still, he manages to stumble to something like the right story. "We already know what the college of the future will look like, because the non-traditional students are creating it now. It’s a hybrid of online and in-person classes, centered on the student and not the institution, with credits accruing from multiple schools, and adding up to a degree in alternating periods of attendance and absence." Like the elites, this article is late to the party, looking at it from a skewed perspective, but still willing to take credit for having discovered it first.

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