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Learning -agogy Overload

Oct 22, 2015

I sort of rolled my eyes when I first heard the term 'androgogy' (this would be back in the early 90s) not so much because I couldn't see how teaching adults might be different from teaching children but because I couldn't see why the term 'pedagogy' couldn't just be expanded to include all forms of teaching. This was I was just beginning to realize that the favourite actuvity of education theorists is to draw distinctions and create taxonomies. I never did find that a particularly useful way to approach research, and so I've ignored most of the new '-ogies' that have filled the field since then. This summary by Matt Crosslin fills that (small) gap in the 16,000 posts of OLDaily, and I echo his observation: "his gets at the root of why Ed Tech solutionism is so wrong: people are unique, different, and ever-changing. We can't have one idea or solution that works for all people at all times."

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