Questions about online ‘openness’

Jenny Mackness, Sept 19, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some good questions for an open education practitioner, like "Why invest even longer hours in supporting educational practice? My dentist doesn’t give me free root canal treatment outside of work?" and "What is in it for those willing to ‘go open’?" Jenny Mackness isn't sure of the answers. "When I joined CCK08, I was really excited by the altruistic sharing of knowledge and learning behind the idea of ‘openness’, but recently it has seemed to me to be more about narcissism than altruism – about getting noticed and building up ‘numbers’ of followers, tweets etc." Good points. I try not to focus on the number of folowers, etc., but it's hard. You don't want to be narcissistic but you don't want to be irrelevant either.

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