When Convenience Trumps Tradition

Darren Draper, Drape's Takes, Jun 22, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It's funny to read Darren Draper write about "feeling nostalgic for the favorite video stores I often visited as a kid" and ”'Vincent' and the thousands of employees just like him, lie at the heart of what once made Blockbuster so overwhelmingly great." I guess I'm a bit older, because I never did frequent video stores; the idea of renting av ideo never appealed to me (and seemed odd and foreign, as someone who watched video on TV and purchased albums from the record store). It's a caution to always question what "feels natural" to you. It's not (contra Draper) simply that people today want more convenience. It's that they never did build the sort of social structure around videos that he did. And probably never will - and probably won't miss it a bit.

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