The Biggest Barrier to Innovation

George Couros, Connected Principals, Jun 03, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

In 1980 I packed everything I had into a few suitcases and boxes, got on a train, and moved 3,000 kilometers from Ottawa to Calgary with a hundred dollars in my pocket. I lived in a furnace room, I found a job with a computer company, and began building a life and a career. So I know about change and risk. Yes, we need to be willing to change, and yes, change is an opportunity to do something amazing. But the biggest change, the one that would create the most good, would be the change the guy in the suit lecturing everyone from the podium. That's why I quoted from Andromeda, "Every man is the hero of his own story." The biggest change is in speaking out, in standing up for oneself, in making oneself heard. So we don't have to listen to some guy in a suit telling us to change while he continues to profit from the current inequality.

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