Lessons Learned from a Chalkboard: Slow and Steady Technology Integration

Bradley Emerling, Larry Cuban on School Reform, Classroom Practice, May 15, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Up to the final section, this account of the Japanese use of the chalkboard, which continues in schools even to this day, is well worth reading. It reflects an analysis and tradition surrounding the planning for and use of the chalkboard in the classroom, and in general, outlines a more roundabout attitude toward the use of technology in teaching. But the author then falls into stereotypes that undermine the article as a whole: "Not only do educators rarely discuss the rationale for which technologies might best support particular learning opportunities," he writes, "many US schools are consumed by a haphazard race to adopt the latest innovation." I don't really see evidence of this (and it's certainly not presented ion the article). If anything, US educators anguish over every technological innovation. And this article is more evidence of that.

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