LOM/CanCore Open-Source Software Components Released

Wilbert Kraan, CETIS, Nov 05, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

CITIS summary of recently released software components from CanCore which designed to provide the building blocks for a digital library. Though you would never know it by reading this article, these components were developed at Athabasca University as a part of the eduSource project (and were the subject of a great deal of discussion and wrangling by the wider eduSource development team) and will be soon joined by a wider range of applications and tools (why they were attributed to CanCore is a bit of a mystery). I love Wilbert Kraan's summary: "It's essentially a cheap and cheerful digital repository that's very easy to implement." Brian Lamb comments, "Hmm, well… I kind of know what all those things are… Then there’s the stated rationale for these components, 'to greatly simplify the challenging task of developing learning object repositories —all without adding in any way to development costs.' Well, I can get down with that. But what do I do with them? How do these components fit in to what I or other LO projects at UBC are trying to do?" That's more like my reaction.
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