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Saddest Tweets Ever

Chris Lott, FNCLL, Apr 28, 2015

Chris Lott now blogs at and this week writes of an exchange wherein Gardner Campbell throws water on the possibility that he and Bryan Alexander might every collaborate in some sort of 'literature happening'. Writes Lott, "I'm just too tired for all the oh-so-wonderful projects that are oh-so-meta." It's funny how perspectives vary. I consider the stuff that focuses on popular culture and literature to be 'meta', while the work that I do, at least, is very much down-to-earth and practical. Sure, I like fiction, sometimes, but not so much I'd want to offer a course on it. P.S. don't click the link if some language offends you (I don't know why some people write using obscenities - it's like they're dismissing half their audience as being of no value before they've even said a word).

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