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I love the diagram, and the concept is well-executed, but the word 'apps' stands out like a sore vendor-specific thumb. It shows up in the responses: "People have begun to grasp Journey 1, the journey from courses to resources, but still struggle with the journey from resources to apps." So why don't we fix the terminology:

  • Courses - prepare you for the future ('remember these directions')
  • Resources - support you in the moment ('use this map')
  • Sources - guide your behaviour ('use the SatNav')

It's a slightly different take on the meaning of 'source', but we can visualize being led by the source of something (whereas the word 'app' really has no intuitive associations beyond the brand it refers to). (I thought about using 'horses' or 'forces' or even of making up a word instead of using  'sources' to replace 'app', but I think 'sources' fits best).

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