National Adjunct Walkout Day

Various authors, NAWD | Tumblr, Feb 25, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

As Gawker reports, "Today is "National Adjunct Walkout Day" [in the U.S. and elsewhere] when the overworked, disrespected, and underpaid adjunct professors of the world (the US, mostly) go on strike to raise awareness of the fact that, while colleges keeping getting more and more expensive, adjunct professors keep getting screwed." Or as Tiffany Kraft writes, "Over the course of 40 years, the profession devolved from one largely founded on respect and security to one that standardizes unfair labor conditions and creeping corporate gain. Clearly, the tolerance of this issue marginalizes all faculty. Foremost, we need an ideological culture shift, and then we may confront the real issues that undermine the profession, with restored ethos, voice, and action."

More: TakePartAmerica (national Catholic review), the Chronicle ("Will it make a difference?"), Slideshare presentation of the issues, the Daily Texan ("walkout begs reflection on state of US faculty"), CASA News, CPFABryan Alexander ("a deeply exploited population attempts to make its voice heard"), a snippet and short article from Inside Higher Ed, Bleeding Heart Librarians ("even though universities are culpably mismanaged, there’s little reason to feel sorry for adjuncts"), the Atlantic ("activists are wondering how to galvanize a collection of workers who drift from campus to campus"), Ontario CAFA  ("growing use of contract faculty in Ontario traps many in precarious work, threatens quality of higher education"), Storify feed, adjunct walkout Twitter Feed and Facebook page.

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