The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science

Michael Simmons, Forbes, Jan 16, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

While there is merit to Michael Simmons's suggestion that size and openness of one's network is a predictor of success, I think it is vastly overstated to say that this is revealed to us by Network Science (as though it were some sort of oracle) and that it is " the blueprint for creating career success." Indeed, the major elements cited as factors in Steve Job's success - "tinkering with machinery with his father, dropping out of college and sitting in on a calligraphy class, exploring India and buddhism, living on an Apple orchard" - are more likely predictors of failure. It is more likely, in my estimation, that his career was started when he started hacking phones (this is known as phreaking). As I've often said: great wealth is prima facie evidence of criminality. That's not to say opening your network isn't a good idea - it is. But don't think that it will turn you into Steve Jobs. That's just magical thinking, and Forbes should (but apparently doesn't) know better than to publish it.

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