5 Reasons Your Portfolio Should Be A Blog

George Couros, Connected Principals, Dec 09, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

My own portfolio, such as it is, isn't any sort of 'thing', though a certain amount of it is a blog (the rest is YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Slideshare presentations, and a radio station currently off air that nobody listens to (I really have to fix that)). The reasons advanced are pretty good, though, and apply to all these non-bloggy forms of personal publishing: they develop literacies, build an audience, and help you create your own voice. I know a lot of people are reluctant to work publicly or to commit to regular long-form communication. But it's hard for me to understand when compared to the significant benefits you derive from it. If all you're doing is tweeting, you're short-changing yourself.

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