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Various authors, Education Post, Nov 13, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Education Post has launched something they call the Red Pen page. It's such a brilliant idea I might steal it. Basically it takes an article published by whomever (the first two are from USA Today and the Poughkeepsie Journal) and in a second column posts 'red pen' comments highlighting and correcting errors in the story. "We take aim at the myths and falsehoods that can sometimes cloud the debate and prevent real conversation," the write. Of course, the risk here is that the corrections are selective and slanted. For example, the red pen criticizes the Journal for associating the Gates Foundation with Race to the Top, arguing the program is fully federally funded, which it is. But the Foundation was heavily involved and helped states financially in obtaining the grants. So the red pen can be as inaccurate as the article it criticizes. Via Alexander Russo.

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