A Goal for Google and Carnegie Mellon´s MOOC Research?

Unattributed (UNESCO Chair in e-Learning), @Czernie, Jun 25, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This post summarizes: "Under the Google Focused Research Award program, Carnegie Melon University received a two-year grant for research on and development of MOOCs platforms 'intelligent enough to mimic the traditional classroom experience'." He then comments, "It remains unclear if the word choice was a mishap or the concept was fuzzy." There has been a lot of back-pedalling but I think the original statement was probably the most accurate expression of the intent, as educational institutions continue to resist any redefinition of learning. See also coverage in the Chronicle: "Unless the MOOCs pay attention to how people actually learn, they will not be able to improve effectiveness, and will end up as just a passing fad." Oooo, burn. I'm sure we all looked at the list of Google funded focused research awards.

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