Curation: Creatively Filtering Content

Sue Watters, Digiday, Jun 17, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think this is a good article and well worth a look because it encourages the revival of a disappearing activity online these days: reading and writing about other people. This of course is the central activity of OLDaily, so it's close to home for me. But I reject the term 'curation' to describe what I do and what others should do. The term 'curation' reflects past practice, as though to legitimize thoroughly contemporary practices by association with the word. Curation suggests that the primary task is selection and filtration, but to me, that's only a small part of what I do; I'm describing my practice when I recount the works I've read. As well, the term 'curation' suggests passivity, observation, preservation, and even objectivity. My work is none of these things. I consider myself to be engaging with the authors and works I summarize. This is not the same as curation. It's something new, something internet.

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