MM4: Online Interviews for Active Online Learning with Janet Salmons

Janet Salmons, Berson & Associates, Jun 09, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I attended this seminar over the weekend on the use of interviews to support learning and had two thoughts that to me are worth recording here:

  • first, it would be interesting to have an online class where the facilitator interviews the participants, rather than invited experts (which is usually the case)
  • second, it seems to me that all interviews, even (perhaps especially) those used in research, should have three participant: interviewer, interviewee, and a third 'audience' or 'observer' person, because it's really impossible to conduct the interview and remember objectively at the same time.

Janet Salmons not surprisingly disagreed with me on the second point, which is fair, and focused more on peer-to-peer interview practice for the former, which is also fair (but an activity which I really thinks a model or demonstration to follow).

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