Skills and Higher Education in Canada

Daniel Munro, Annie Murphy Paul, Jun 04, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting and very detailed report from an institute called Canada 2020 on education and skills development. It underlines the importance of education in social and economic development, and focuses on two challenges - excellence, which it defines as "producing the right skills" (their emphasis), and equity, which focuses on the distribution of skills. The report makes the following recommendations which line up with these challenges:

  1. Create a National Learning Outcomes Assessment Program
  2. Create a Canadian Council on Skills and Higher Education
  3. Make significant new investments in education and skills for Aboriginal peoples
  4. Identify and support programs to narrow skills and education gaps between men and women
  5. Improve credential recognition and skills training for immigrants.

The report was authored by Daniel Munro of the Conference Board of Canada.

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