Why Unizin is a Threat to edX

Michael Feldstein, May 27, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

e-Literate a week or so broke a story on Unizin, an initiative from the Indiana University designed to, as Michael Feldstein says, "run the table" on online learning technologies. In this post he adds more; it's an oddly personalized look at the initiative: "If you want to understand Unizin, you really have to understand Brad Wheeler.... Unizin has his fingerprints all over it." Well, maybe. "The LMS + MOOC pitch explains why these universities might be interested in a coalition, but it doesn’t fully explain the interest in the Learning Object Repository and analytics system." Really? We couldn't understand these without understanding Brad? Anyhow, do ready these articles - the field of education technology is in a rapid state of flux right now.

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