Online Learning 03 Monday

Jay Cross, Internet Time Blog, Sept 24, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Jay Cross is blogging Online Learining 03 in Los Angeles. Today's installment includes a summary of a talk by RIchard Saul Wurman, a survey of mobile learning technology, and a number of photos. I don't know why people say "Cool is dead." Cool is not dead. Cool is where opportunity lies - though to be sure the terrain is not for everyone. Finally: lookls like I made the right call when giving this one a pass: "In 2001, vendors had contracted for 80,000 ft2 of space 9/11 cancelled travel plans and only 40,000 ft2 showed up. This year? About 12,500 sq ft2 total." Jay also blogged last weekend's VNU Supplier Simmit.
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