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There are many questions I would ask of this article (like, why do we even have an 'admissions process' in the age of free online learning and cloud technology) but I'll focus on one thing that really stands out as a fundamental flaw in many such scenarios. Part way through the story we read this: "When she gives her name to Bob, he quickly checks her in on his tablet and scans her profile and then asks if she has any questions." OK. Well, I've done a lot of speaking and meeting and interaction, both formally and informally, and what I've found it that it's really difficult to look something up and read it quickly (much less find something relevant) while in the process of speaking or having a conversation. Not to say it's impossible - but how off-putting would you be if you are the woman who says hello to Bob, only to have him zone out for a minute or so as he looks you up.

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