Predictive Jam

Unattributed, Nov 03, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Summary report of a 'predictive jam' hosted by Momentum (funded by Gates Foundation and Knowledge in the Public Interest) on predictive analytics. I like the metaphor: "Assume you are a lifeguard on a crowded beach. With no 'data' or 'predictive model', you usually wait for someone to scream 'HELP' before acting. With analytics, if you could see that someone’s heart rate was increasing, you may proactively swim out to help them. From a causation standpoint, you don’t know if they are having a heart attack, caught in the undertow, or if they saw a shark. You just know there are signs of trouble." The 'Jam' captured comments and discusson from around 500 people online, drawing out lessons and ideas on analytics.

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