Rat in a cage

Jonathan Rees, Oct 21, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some interesting thoughts from Jonathan Rees. First, this: "I’m afraid that when you take even that comparatively benign Canadian concept and put it in the American context it will inevitably become weaponized." Second, this: "I’ve become such a stickler for keeping technological innovation of any kind under the control of the faculty. If we’re not the ones controlling the experiment, then we will become the ones who are being experimented upon." Interestingly, that's why I think the technological innovation should be in the hands of the students. Otherwise, they become experimental subjects for professors. Rees writes as though professors are labout - and they are, to a certain degree - but in an educational context, from a student perspective, they're management, with more power on the shop floor than a shop boss ever had. Rees ought not forget that.

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