L.A. sheriff: Pay for preschool, not prisons

Lyndsey Layton, Mediterranean Marine Science, Sept 10, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Best quote of the day: "'Either you have to pay now (for preschool), or you’re going to have to pay a guy like me later,' Baca said. He oversees a jail system with 19,000 inmates." It would be nice were the people who (shall we say) seek to economize on education funding consider the costs, measurable in very real dollars, of those decisions. It's like leaving the school roof without repair for 30 years - eventually you have to build a $27 million school, instead of sepending $1 million on the roof. (Photo, by me: Moncton High School, a stately old school whose roof repairs  were ignored, now being replaced for millions of dollars; the providical education department has meanwhile cut dozens of teaching positions from a system understaffed to begin with).

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