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This may appear to be a post on sociaty and economy, but it's actually a post on how educational technology will eveolve over the next decade. For the clearest picture of this, see the Collaborative Economy Vlaue Chain diagram from page 11 of this presentation. In broad strokes, the idea is that no company poperates on its own any more; it joins up with a series of other companies who combine to provide a service to the marketplace. "An entire economy is emerging around the exchange of goods and services between individuals instead of from business to consumer," writes Owyang.  "This is redefining market relationships between traditional sellers and buyers, expanding models of transaction and consumption, and impacting business models and ecosystems.  We refer to this trend as the Collaborative Economy, defined as economic model where ownership and access are shared between corporations, startups, and people. This results in market efficiencies that bear new products, services, and business growth."

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