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Wesley Fryer is clear in his criticism of what are on balance outrageous Economist articles: "The articles, E-ducation: A long-overdue technological revolution is at last under way and Catching on at last: New technology is poised to disrupt America's schools, and then the world's (contain) misleading statements, falsehoods, and outright lies the articles portray as truth in the name of further discrediting public school systems in the United States as failing, incapable of meaningful improvement or reform, and in need of private companies through charter schools and online programs saving the day after 'evil teacher unions' are finally discarded by an indignant public sick of 'lazy teachers' standing in the way of corporate America's educational reform agenda." I have long thought of the Economist (partly owned by Pearson) as a propaganda rag; this pair of articles does nothing to alter my view.

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