Online universities: it's time for teachers to join the revolution

Anant Agarwal,, Jun 17, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The most useful thing about this article is the link to EdX code, which as the author notes was released in early June. I took a quick look at the git source, there's a lot there, a mixture of Python, Ruby, and NodeJS, built on Django, all using a Mongo database. OK, at least it's not Java. But hosting this still looks like a major commitment. As for the article itself, it on the one hand demonstrates a certain hubris ("we are part of a movement that seeks to change the face of education") and on the other the simplistic 'magic bullet' approach to learning management ("we are now looking at whether professors should assign homework before the lecture, instead of after"). And despite the title, it doesn't really mention teachers at all, nor what they should be doing (aside from moving homework assignments).

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