Educators’ Guide to RSS and Google Reader Replacements

Sue Waters, Digiday, May 17, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

If you use Google Reader or publish a blog or website RSS feed, then your worlkd have been turned upside down by Google's announcement it is closing Google Reader and by the weakening of RSS support on services like Blogger (and in browsere interfaces, and its outright elimination from services like Twitter and Google+). Sue Waters has a good guide for you, to help you cope. As a community, we'll have to grapple with this more deeply as time goes by. But for now, here's what you can do over the summer. I tried out one recommended resource, the Old Reader, today. "The Old Reader is designed to be a direct replacement of Google Reader." It was pretty good, though I find it interesting to note how any change of interface can feel so jarring.

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