Every Post is a “Selfie”: The Desire for Social Approval

Eric Olsen, Huffington Post, Apr 30, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It's always interesting to observe people thinking that "there must be some reason" for doing things online, because they cannot comprehend that the thing in itself is worth doing. I have binders full of original writings from the pre-internet days that prove that I would be doing this even if there weren't an audience to see it. For me, it's easier and more convenient to do it online. But I don't need some other reason (even if there is some other reason, the point here is that I don't need it). I'm sure some people do it for the money, to it for the fame, do it for the social approval, etc. But there are some people who, in the words of mark Pilgrim, "can't not write." I'm one of those - and I fear the people who say "there must be some reason" (economists, all of them) will never get me.

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