A new wave of educational efforts across Africa exploring the use of ICTs

Michael Trucano, World Journal on Educational Technology , Apr 11, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

An update on e-learning initiatives in Africa. Includes this bit: "A low-cost, pay-as-you-go model is at the heart of many of the innovative business models 2iE is pursuing. By breaking payments into small pieces, and not requiring that (for example) a student pay an entire semester's tuition. ...  'An African solution for the Africa economy' is how 2iE describes this approach, which is labels the taxi model ('taxi-brousse'):
 - you start when the car is full;
 - you drive for as long as you need -- and can afford;
 - if you don't like the ride, you can get out and find another taxi.

2iE's efforts in these areas were featured in the 2012 WISE  publication, 'Learning a Living: Radical Innovation in Education for Work' , one of fifteen case studies of innovative models for education around the world."

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