MOOC Manifesto

International Journal of Sciences : Basic and Applied Research, Mar 28, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This 'MOOC manifesto' came to me via Twitter and while I am sympathetic with the intent, the manifesto is almost point for point opposed to my own view of MOOCs. "In every teaching design," it begins falsely, "the learner is the centre." And then, "MOOCs must be an element within the digital strategy of an institution," and "Institutions may consider MOOCs basically as a branding instrument," and "Institutions may need to consider the prerequisites to enter a MOOC" seem to place MOOCs well within the institutional context, which is probably (in the longer run) not where they belong. And then there's this: "Open does not mean free." And "MOOCs may be courses, or not." And "there may... be face-to-face, local learning encounters in parallel to the on-line learning experience." No part of 'open online course' is left untouched

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