Developing a Roku channel is fun!

Liam Green-Hughes, Weblog, Dec 20, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Right now Roku is probably more of an effort than most people are willing to make (you'll be engaged with a developer site, programming language like BASAIC, and an IDE like Eclipse) but where it points for the future is very interesting: people can create their own television channels. Now of course this mostly involves aggregating and remixing - Liam Gree-Hughes created a channel that delivers podcasts from the CCMixter website to the Roku. But it is eventually about creating and producing your own multimedia content. Imagine if most of the TV you watched was created and/or produced by your friends, not some faceless multinational. That said, I think setting up a Roku channel would be a great and challenging project over the hoilidays for technically-minded students.

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